Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The joys of preparation

So, Saturday was a very exciting day, and it all started with a cup of coffee for Aubrey and a walk with my dogs.


After the walk, I returned to the house to meet up with a neighbor Dan, who graciously loans me much of the yard tools that I use through out the year. I borrowed his tiller so that I could make quick time of turning the garden from last year. Once we put the tiller in the backyard, we walked around and looked at various trees and bushes that are beginning to bloom.

With that done, it was time for Aubrey and I to head to the All Local Farmers Market to see what kind of local goods we could find.

We had a good time and found some goodies to take back home, including some hand made truffles from my good friend Joseph. He runs a business called It's The Chocolate Shop, and the money he made that day was being donated to a local charity for the disaster relief in Japan. How cool is that?

I grabbed a bag of calcium additive to mix into the garden from Swansea Milling Co.,which I mentioned in my first post. On our way home, we made a quick stop at Dan & Jennie's so we could share the scrumptious blueberry-lemon streusel bread that we picked up. We love to drink coffee with them and hang out and talk. But once I was done with a few bites and my cup of coffee, it was "goodbye!" and away I went to get started in the yard. I mean seriously, isn't that why your reading this? Enough with the tangents and off to the garden preparations.

So as you can see below here, he garden was covered up over winter with pine needles, and weeds had all but taken it over. I was so ready to turn this into a clean slate. But that's going to wait until the next post. Sorry, but I've got to give you a reason to come back, right?

garden left over from last year

Until then,

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