Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost there

Saturday morning is looking beautiful. I was up around 8:30, and got myself dressed. I fed the dogs and fixed myself some breakfast. I gathered all of my variously tagged Mother Earth News magazines, graph paper and pencil. I quietly settled into the living room and began making myself notes and a check-list. There were several how-to articles that I had saved, and it was all coming down to this singular moment. I like to think of myself as being well planned and one who "has it together," but let's face it, when it comes down to it, I cram at the last minute. Who doesn't, right?

By the time I am settled and have all of my things spread out on the living room table, Aubrey comes in. I get up to fix her a cup of coffee. When I return, I sit next to her and she looks at what I have done. She can tell that I am a little stumped. She get's up, leaves the room and returns with some colored pencils and a much needed eraser. We discuss what we want to grow and how much space we have, and within minutes, we have planned out our Summer garden.

We have decided on tomatoes, peppers and watermelons. Now that we had the garden planned and our plants picked out, it was time to get ready and head out to the market.

We ride out to the All Local Farmers Market and pick up some soil amendments that I had planned on getting.  We see some familiar faces and make our rounds around and pick up a little bit of produce on the way out.

On our way home, we need to fill up the Prius. This ends up putting us in the same area as the Cayce Farmers Market. Well, we can't just pass up the opportunity to walk through another local farmers market. Once we get out and walk around, we both hear a rooster and sure enough, there was not one, but two roosters strutting their stuff about. We walk around some and check out the vegetable garden plants and decide that we will pick up some things. We get some Brussel Sprouts, Cucumbers and some watemelons. This will obviously change our plans to the garden we sketched out earlier, but that's just what happens on a wonderful Saturday morning. On our check out at the register, we grab a couple cold drinks. Aubrey gets an A&W Cream Soda and I get a Blenheim Ginger Ale and we proceed back to the house.

So, am I ever going to get this garden planted? Not yet it seems, I still need to amend the soil in the garden. I had picked up some nice cured cow manure from my dads before hand, plus some of my home made compost. My plan was to layer the manure and dirt, then finish it off with some compost and a final layer of soil. So how do you do this without a tiller? You dig of course...in the overhead sun with a shovel for about an hour, or that's at least how I did it. This only consisted of me digging the whole garden up! 18 inches deep in fact. I know what your thinking, "Dude, that's just crazy monkey style, what are you thinking?" Hey, what can I say, that's just what a David does.

- 4' x 7' 18 inches deep -

Until next time.

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Megella said...

Just blog-hopping and your pictures here reminded me: Last summer we had the exact same garden in our back yard... and it never got any farther. Check that. We did grow weeds after a few weeks.
Good luck, your blog is beautiful, I'm sure your garden will be too.

One of these days I'll get our gardening shots up, I'm at http://www.lafamigliad.blogspot.com