Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something noticed...Something heard

Over the weekend, Aubrey and I spent some time out in our backyard. One of the things that I have been trying to be very conscious about as of lately, are the sights and sounds.

In the book Organic Gardening by Maria Rodale, she proposes that the reader perform an exercise.  

"Go outside and let yourself be drawn to a spot in your yard - preferably one that you don't sit in...after you have made yourself fairly comfortable, sit for an hour. Then, go through a rundown of all of your sensory perceptions and see what they tell you."
- A peaceful retreat -
We didn't exactly do this, but what we did do was take notice of all that we heard. We live near an airport, so planes flying overhead are an occasional sound. We are not far from a rock quarry, so we are limited to distant train noises in the evening.

But the best sounds by far, that we both noticed, were the vast amount of birds in our backyard. As a bonus, this also applies to our neighborhood during our walks. We have a bird bath, and if we weren't too close, we could spy a Robin or Brown Thrasher taking a bath. We have Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays as well. It was very soothing and it has started an interest in both of us to begin birdwatching in our backyard and hopefully elsewhere.
- Robin -

- Brown Thrasher -
- Northern Cardinal -

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Skip said...

Good Cardinal shot. They are hard to get just right.