Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! [Garden Update]

Hello, friends! Can we start this post out by saying "Happy Earth Day!"

We headed out to the Flower Festival last weekend. We didn't take a single photo, but we did get our tomato, pepper and herb starters for this year's garden.

The Midlands Plant and Flower Festival is almost here! What day will we see you at the State Farmers Market?
Posted by South Carolina State Farmers Market on Monday, April 13, 2015

For the last few years, we've purchased our plans from Rodger's Heirlooms, which is a farm just outside the Columbia area. This year, we purchased four types of tomatoes and five pepper plants.

Happy Earth Day! [Garden Update at A Little Seed Grows]
Above is the tomato bed, which as the following growing in it: Dr. Carolyn yellow cherry, Perth Pride, Kellogg's Breakfast and Nepal. There are also two comfrey plants to help with composting.

Happy Earth Day! [Garden Update at A Little Seed Grows]
We started with the following for peppers: chocolate beauty bell pepper, aurora, jalepeno, sweet banana and Bulgarian count. However, the new puppy destroyed one of the plants, and they didn't all come home labelled, so now the output will be a bit of surprise. The garlic in the upper right corner was started last fall.

You'll notice the herbs and cacti have to been moved inside the garden fence to protect them from the monster puppy. In addition to fencing the garden beds this year, we've also covered our compost bin because he likes to jump in and dig.
Happy Earth Day! [Garden Update at A Little Seed Grows]

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